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OPT Machine Vision Tech Co., Ltd. is a machine vision components and softwares supplier for factory automation. It has quickly developed to become a leader in the machine vision industry. OPT’s products and solutions are reaching more than 20 countries and regions, with more than 30 branches and distributors worldwide, that serve more than 15000 customers. Many of these customers are Fortune 500 companies. They trust in OPT to help design and develop unique solutions to complex problems.

OPT currently has more than 1400 employees, of which more than half are technicians:over 970 R&D and other technical personnel.

OPT products include vision system, light sources, industrial cameras, lenses, 3D laser sensors, barcode readers, etc.

The vision system includes SciVision SDK, SciSmart software and vision controllers.

The machine vision light sources consist of 39 standard series including nearly 1000 standard models and customized series with over 30000 customized designs and solutions. OPT can deliver a custom light as fast as in 3 working days.

The industrial cameras can be mainly divided into area scan cameras which include global shutter and rolling shutter with resolution stretching from 0.5MP to 15000MP, and line scan cameras which are compatible with GigE Vision protocol, USB3.0 Vision protocol, CameraLink protocol, CoaXPress protocol and GenlCam standard with resolution ranging from 2K to 16K.

The lenses include 29MP/10MP/5MP/2MP/Cobra series fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses, high accuracy line scan lenses, high resolution telecentric lenses, etc.

The 3D laser sensors include ultra high speed series, high accuracy series and cost-effective series.

The barcode readers are composed of manually focusing series and automatically focusing series, with resolution ranging from 0.4MP to 12MP, applying encoding algorithm of deep learning to realize multi-core data processing for ultra high reading speed.


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SCI-M3 Smart Camera "Smart Detection Award" SCI-X3 Vision Controller SciVision Vision Development OPT "Innovative Product Award" Patent "A constant current controller"
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